Motorcycle tours in Vietnam: another way to discover south east Asia

Motorcycle tours in Vietnam, another way to discover south east Asia

Enjoying the freedom of the open road and soaking up the landscapes you pass through, motorcycle tours in Vietnam provide unforgettable experiences. Here’s what to expect.

Vietnam is a perfect country to explore by motorcycle. A huge country with plenty of space and with countless spots of stunning natural beauty, the journey is part of the adventure in Vietnam.

Here’s why you won’t regret embarking on motorcycle tours in Vietnam, and what you can expect to get out of the experience.

Go to places you wouldn’t normally visit
The true beauty of travelling in Vietnam by motorcycle is that you can get to places that wouldn’t be accessible in larger vehicles. Vietnam has vast and beautiful rural communities that many visitors to Vietnam never even get close to seeing. Motorcycle tours in Vietnam therefore go hand-in-hand with off-the-beaten-track adventures.

Northern Vietnam provides some particularly amazing routes ideal for off-the-beaten-track exploration by motorcycle. Visit the National Park of Ba Be, where some of the roads are just dirt tracks, meaning you don’t come across any other traffic, yet you can make much better progress than you would on foot. Northern Vietnam is also ideal for taking advantage of gorgeous mountain passes along the Chinese border.

Motorcycle tours in Vietnam

Stop when and where you like
When you’re travelling by motorbike, it’s much easier to stop where you like, whether or not it’s on the itinerary. If you feel like a rest, spot the perfect photo opportunity or come across an unexpected locality you’re curious to explore, it’s possible to stop as you please. The fact you’re usually travelling in smaller groups on motorcycle tours in Vietnam compared to other tours makes this much easier too.

For those who want to stop for plenty of stunning photo opportunities, a motorcycle trip around Ba Be Lake is a great option. The largest natural lake in Vietnam, it’s 8km long and is surrounded by a limestone mountain range. Capturing a remote adventurous spirit with amazing landscapes, this is a place you’ll want to keep on stopping to get the perfect photo of the lake and mountains from all angles.

Motorcycle tours in Vietnam

Take control of the journey
The greatest adventure is what lies ahead, and nothing could be truer than on motorcycle tours in Vietnam. Going on an organised tour is one of the best ways to see the country, capturing as much as possible during your visit while seeing it through the eyes of a local tour guide. Choosing a motorcycle as your mode of transport instead of an option where you’re more passive means you can take control of your own journey. The feeling of freedom and becoming part of a country as a result of this is immense.

To get the feeling of the magic of Vietnam and your own personal adventure, embarking on a loop that starts and finishes in Hanoi is a great way forward. Doing this, it’s possible to take in Ba Be, Bao Lac, Dong Van, Vu Linh and plenty of other localities and communities along the way in just 10 days. And of course, you have the freedom to stop in places you find interesting too. Enjoy the ride!

Motorcycle tours in Vietnam

Mr Linh’s Adventures organises a number of different motorcycle tours in Vietnam.

TT says
06/04/2019 01:55:01
Paysage dépaysant pour ceux qui viennent d'Europe. Une faune et une flore similaire à la Thaïlande. Et une manière de conduire tout aussi semblable. Je ne connais pas le Vietnam, mais j'imagine des scènes panoramique inoubliable...
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