4 reasons why private tours in Vietnam with a local guide will rock your world

Private tour in Vietnam

From getting to know local people really well and getting off-the-beaten-track, to having a real-life movie set all to yourself, private tours in Vietnam make exceptional experiences.

Meet real people
Getting to know real people who live in a country is a wish that comes top of many travellers’ lists nowadays. Private tours in Vietnam ensure this desire becomes a reality. If you go with a reputable, locally run tour operator, your guide will be a local person. Not only will they have tour guiding qualifications, they’ll have anecdotes, stories and connections with other local people who they’ll introduce you to along the way. This paves the way for authentic, culture-filled experiences in Vietnam you simply couldn’t have without the help of a local guide.

Off-the-beaten-track in Vietnam
When travelling with large groups, it can be difficult to get properly off-the-beaten-track. For example, travelling on foot to a remote village in the Vietnamese mountains wouldn’t be environmentally friendly or ethical for local communities when travelling as a large group. On the other hand, travelling as a small private group makes your travel itinerary much more agile. Your local guide can get you to places other travellers might not have the opportunity to visit, while your impact on the environment and local communities will be minimal.

Real life movie set to yourself
Private tours in Vietnam really come into their own when you visit Halong Bay. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is characterised by its emerald waters, thousands of limestone islands protruding vertically from the water and boats bobbing dreamily along. Halong Bay also happens to be the filming location for many big budget movies, including James Bond’s Tomorrow Never Dies and Skull Island (King Kong). Having a private junk boat for just your group is a once-in-a-lifetime way to experience this magnificent location. One of Mr Linh’s Adventures customers who did this said on TripAdvisor: “We very much appreciated navigating areas of Halong Bay completely free of tourists, enjoying the majestic beauties of this region.”

Flexible and relaxed
Travelling with a larger group means you’ll have to stick to an itinerary that might not be entirely to your taste. On a large group tour, the organisers can’t make everyone happy all the time, so you’ll likely be stuck with rigid travel plans. On the other hand, private tours in Vietnam have the added benefit of flexibility. If you want to swap one activity for another, this is much easier to accommodate in practice. And if you feel like stopping for a cold beer on the beach while travelling from A to B, you only have to ask your private guide and not dozens of other people. Now that sounds like bliss.

Mr Linh’s Adventures regularly organises private tours in Vietnam to suit all tastes, age groups and timescales. Here’s an example of a two-week itinerary that will help you see the best of Vietnam, but please contact us so we can create a trip tailored to your specific requirements.
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