Why 2018 is the year for Vietnam tours

VIetnam tours, Why 2018 is the year for Vietnam tours

From travel trends capturing activity and spontaneity, to coffee connoisseurs and craft-fans, Vietnam tours in 2018 are the only way to travel.

The year of coffee
The world has never drunk so much coffee. According to the World Development Journal, 2.25 billion cups of coffee are drunk around the world every day. That’s almost 94 million cups of coffee every hour. Vietnam is one of the world’s largest exporters of coffee, and many Vietnamese people have become coffee connoisseurs, keeping some of the best beans for themselves to hone their craft. Vietnam’s coffee is thick and strong with caramel notes, and is served hot or over ice. Vietnam tours in 2018 are worth it for the coffee alone.

Arts and crafts are booming
Across the world, a revived interest in creating and buying original crafts and pieces of art is a popular trend. The prevalence of home décor television programmes is testament to this, but the challenge is always finding original pieces that really tell a story. Booming with arts and crafts markets, Vietnam is the place to visit in 2018 for amazing travel adventures, as well as picking up unique pieces of décor for the home. Since it was announced the Pantone 2018 colour of the year is ultra violet, ensure your Vietnam tours have a splash of purple about them. 

The year of spontaneity
According to Google and Phocuswright – although many people like to plan their travel months in advance – an increasing number of travellers are making travel plans more spontaneously. In fact, 30% of people said they would take a trip when they weren’t planning to, particularly if they were offered a great deal. Vietnam is the perfect country to be spontaneous in. Less touristy than neighbouring Thailand, there are still abundant opportunities to get off-the-beaten-track and embark on jungle adventures, where few visitors have been to before. The best Vietnam tours ensure both spontaneity and adventure are at the heart of a trip.

Vietnam events and festivals
The country has a packed and colourful calendar of events throughout every year. This ranges from the regular Hot An Full Moon Festival every 14th day of the lunar month and the Tet Festival on 16 February 2018, to the Perfume Pagoda Festival (2 March 2018) and the Hue Festival every two years. In 2018, the country will also be celebrating its UNESCO World Heritage region at Halong Bay, with an opening festival in April 2018 and various events and festivities during the months that follow.

A year of tours and activities
Trend forecasters are saying how tours and activities now make up the third largest segment of travel. Fewer people want to book a two-week holiday on a beach. Keen to spend their free time being intrepid explorers, many people want to have the adventure of a lifetime during their time away from home instead. Vietnam couldn’t be a better destination for this kind of traveller. With opportunities to have life-changing experiences, sleep over in homestays instead of hotels and have jungle adventures off-the-beaten-track, Vietnam tours in 2018 are the way forward.

Mr Linh’s Adventures organises Vietnam tours to suit all tastes, budgets and holiday desires.

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Hello. Thank you for thisninformation. I would like to know more about the program in Yok Don park in Vietnam. Do they also offer voulenteer programs of any kind? Thank you for any info on that Ajda
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