Tips to find perfect Indochina travel packages

Indochina travel packages, Tips to find perfect Indochina travel packages

Whether you’re a foodie or a culture vulture, regardless of whether you have a week or a month, here are our tips for tracking down perfect Indochina travel packages to make your trip go down in style.

A visit to Indochina almost always involves a series of first experiences and magical moments for the memory bank. From boat trips to jungle homestays, sunrises over temples to party-filled nights out in the city, and from UNESCO World Heritage Sites to local village craftspeople, Indochina has something to suit all tastes. Whether you’re embarking on a once-in-a-lifetime trip or heading out on your latest Asian adventure, choosing the right balance of experiences, activities and destinations can be difficult to get right.

Here are the top things to think about when researching Indochina travel packages:

Flying visit
It might sound obvious, but the first thing to consider when looking at Indochina travel packages is how long you have to spend in the region. If you only have a week, don’t try to stretch your time too far. Quality is better than quantity and you’ll have a better time just visiting one or two countries and focusing on a couple of activities. For example, on an 8 day/7 night package, you could visit Cambodia and Laos and fit in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, the Angkor complex, Vientiane, Luang Prabang, the Pak Ou Caves and the Kuang Si Waterfall. That’s an amazing trip packed into a short time, but you won’t lose time crossing borders and travelling to additional countries.

Extended stay
If you’ve got time on your side and can commit to an extended stay, hunt for Indochina travel packages that will help you discover the region from all different angles. In a month, it’s possible to get to know a few different countries in Indochina pretty well, and you can fit in everything from world-famous landmarks to visits to local villages. For example, on a 25 day/24 night package, you’ve got time to visit Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and the island of Phuket. As well as visiting all the must-visit attractions, you’ll have time to get off-the-beaten-track and visit a pearl farm, go squid fishing and watch remote regions go by on river cruises.

Foodie focus
If one of the aims of your Indochina trip is to explore the region through your taste buds, focus on Indochina travel packages that will help you do just that. With so much culinary diversity, authentic flavours and traditional cooking styles, a couple of weeks can easily fly by in foodie heaven. Hone in on just a couple of countries to get the best out of your visit. For example, it’s possible to visit Vietnam and Thailand in a 15 day/14 night trip. During that time, get involved in a cooking class in Hanoi, explore street food favourites on foot and by tuk tuk, get lost in Bangkok’s railway and floating food markets and dine with local families in traditional regions.

Indochina for culture vultures
If culture is your thing, there are Indochina travel packages out there designed to take you to some of the most culturally rich locations in the world. Culturally focused trips tend to allow plenty of time in Indochina’s urban centres, allowing you to explore the architectures that map times of different colonial rule and historical landmarks. Don’t miss out on the rhythm of life in regional localities either. For example, a 16 day/15 night trip to Vietnam and Laos allows you to take in urban centres, as well as visiting spots such as Luang Prabang, known for its temples and former royal palace.

Mr Linh’s Adventures has a number of multi-country Indochina travel packages to suit all tastes, interests and travel whims. Check out our Indochina travel packages here – we can promise you won’t look back.
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