Travelling from the United States to Vietnam: flights, tips + tours

If you are planning a trip to Vietnam, the plane is undoubtedly the means of transport that will impose itself on you! Convenient and safe, the plane makes it easy and fast to travel USA/Vietnam.
Whatever your interests are in this captivating country, you will certainly find a flight to take you to your dream!

Flights USA-Vietnam, a few words of introduction

Nowadays, due to the growing demand of Vietnamese passengers to study, work and travel in the US, flights from Vietnam to the US as well as from the US to Vietnam are becoming more and more popular. Travel from Vietnam to the United States and vice versa are all long trips that may require passing through at least 1 transit point. Indeed, the United States is a very large country with more than 50 states, so the total flight time as well as the transit point will depend on the departure airport

Direct flights from USA to Vietnam - Picture : Vietnam Airlines

Direct flights from the USA to Vietnam

Vietnam Airlines, the famous national airline of Dragon Country, offers direct flights from different cities in the United States, including San Francisco. Vietnam Airlines is the first Vietnamese airline to offer scheduled direct flights to the United States, also meeting the 5-star Skytrax standard for epidemic prevention.
► For more information, visit the official Vietnam Airlines website
Summary table of flights USA/Vietnam
Departure point Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, Dallas, Chicago, Seattle
Ticket price Varies by route
Monthly flight frequency 1-2 flights per month
Average US to Vietnam flight time 16 hours 25 minutes depuis San Francisco et une vingtaine d’heures depuis Los Angeles.
Airlines Vietnam Airlines, EVA Air, Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Cathay Pacific, JAL, Virgin Atlantic, Emirates, United Airlines, Air France, Singapore Airlines, Air China, Thai Airways, China Airlines

USA-Vietnam flights with stopover- Picture : Internet

Flights from the USA to Vietnam
In addition to Vietnam Airlines and its direct flights, other renowned international carriers such as All Nippon Airways, Japan Airlines, Korean Air, Qatar Airways, Emirates Airlines, Cathay Pacific, American Airlines… , also operate flights to Vietnam from the United States. These airlines offer connecting flights with stops in their hub cities.
But as mentioned above, the transit point will depend on the state you come from and the airline you choose. Usually, the airline of a country sees its stopover in its country.  That is to say, for example, Japan Airlines will host transit passengers in Tokyo, for Korean Air it will be Seoul and so on. As for arrival airports in Vietnam, the two most important are Noi Bai, in Hanoi (in North Vietnam) and Tan Son Nhat, in Ho Chi Minh City, in the South of the country with two deltas.

We have listed for you the most important departure points from the USA to Vietnam, with their stops:
• From Boston, JAL, Cathay Pacific, Virgin Atlantic, Vietnam Airlines, and Emirates operate flights to Vietnam with stops in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Dubai, and London.
•From Los Angeles, expect stops in Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Tokyo, or Taipei. These routes are operated by China Airlines, Cathay Pacific, JAL, EVA Air and China Southern.
•Transit points from New York can be London, Paris, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Beijing, Bangkok, Taipei and Dubai. United Airlines, Air France, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, EVA Air, Vietnam Airlines, Air China, Emirates, Thai Airways, and China Airlines, operate these flights.
• From Philadelphia you will certainly stop at Shanghai, London, Bangkok, ou encore Seoul. Les vols sont assurés par American Airlines, China Eastern, Vietnam Airlines, Thai Airways, Delta Air Lines, British Airways, et Korean Air.
•If you are flying from San Francisco, Asiana, ANA, Air China, Cathay Pacific, Vietnam Airlines will call Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing and Hong Kong respectively
•And finally, if you travel from Seattle to Vietnam, Asiana, EVA Air, Korean Air, and ANA will stop in Seoul, Tokyo, or Taipei. Do not hesitate to consult the websites of the airlines concerned for more information and updates.


Charming Hoi An ancient town - Picture : Internet

Our tips to book your USA-Vietnam flight

1. Avoid high season

If you want the cheapest ticket to Vietnam, the best way is to avoid the high season – from June to August. Avoid, if you can, the tourist periods corresponding to holidays, festivals and summer months. Preferably, choose the low season or off-season, where you will find more affordable flight options.
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2. Book long enough in advance

By booking well in advance (at least 4 weeks before your flight), you have a better chance of accessing discounts and promotional offers, which allows you to get more affordable airline tickets.

3. Schedule a price alert

This tip can help you find the cheapest flight ticket to Vietnam. Several flight search/comparison platforms, such as Skyscanner, offer this feature. In case of a change in the price of your ticket, you will be notified by email.

4. Try different booking platforms

Besides the websites of different airlines, do your research on various platforms. Be careful to choose only those that are reliable and reputable (Google Flights, SkyScanner, Kayak…).

5. Test with different airports

Compare Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City: Flight prices may vary depending on the airport of departure or destination. Sometimes, flying to or from Hanoi can be cheaper than in Ho Chi Minh City, or vice versa.
Take a look at neighbouring countries: For example, flying to Bangkok, Thailand, and then taking a local flight to Vietnam might be more economical.

6. Be flexible

Being flexible is one of the keys in your search for the cheapest flight ticket to Vietnam. Feel free to take everything into account, such as travel dates, weekdays and even hours to maximize your chances of finding affordable fares. For example, flying on a weekend can be more expensive than during the week. Similarly, flying early or late in the morning can help you fly cheaper…
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How to Apply for a Visa Vietnam - Picture : Internet

Do US nationals need a visa to travel to Vietnam?

US citizens cannot enter Vietnam without a visa.
Since 1996, US travellers can collect their Vietnamese visa upon arrival at one of Vietnam’s international airports. Alternatively, they can fill in the eVisa form online.
In both cases, the following conditions must be met:
• The passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival in Vietnam.
• The passport must contain at least 2 blank pages for visa and immigration stamps.

Vietnam Visa on arrival

The first option to obtain a Vietnam visa for an American citizen is the Visa On Arrival (VOA). This type of visa is popular with many visitors for its convenience, simplicity, low cost and time saving. To use this method, simply submit an online request for an approval letter by email. It can take up to two days, so make sure you get your visa before your trip.
Once you have your letter, simply present it and your passport to customs officers in Vietnam to obtain a stamp and an entry visa.
Important note: The visa on arrival is NOT APPLICABLE to visitors entering Vietnam via land and sea borders, but only via the international airports of Noi Bai (Hanoi), Tan San Nhat (Saigon), da Nang, Cam Ranh (Nha Trang), Cai Bi (Hai Phong). To travel to Vietnam by any other method, you must obtain a visa from an embassy.

Apply for eVisa online

Everything happens quite simply on the official immigration portal website: []
Step 1: Complete the formulary
Simply by answering a range of questions such as name, address, nationality and passport information…  There are also questions regarding health and vaccination history, as well as the address in Vietnam where the applicant is staying, and security, in order to pre-identify any risk to public safety in the country. In total, completing the eVisa form takes no more than a few minutes
Step 2: Check and pay
Before adjusting online, check and recheck the given information. Any incorrect or incomplete answer may result in a delay in the processing of the file, or even its rejection. Note that in this case, the payment will not be refunded.
Step 3: Receiving the request
Once approved, the eVisa is sent to the traveller by email in PDF format. To enter Vietnam, it is necessary to print a copy and present it to the customs authorities. The validity period of the eVisa for Vietnam begins on the date indicated at the time of application and specified on the physical PDF document, and travelers.

The most popular tours with American visitors to Vietnam

•    Travel the historical and heritage sites of Vietnam from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi over 10 days
•    5 star Paradise Cruise in Halong Bay over three days
•    Cat Ba Adventure over three days

When travelling from the United States to Vietnam, come and join us at Mr Linh’s Adventures to make your vacation complete!

Mai Chau Valley - Picture : Mr Linh's Adventures


How many American tourists go to Vietnam?

Estimates show that about 318,000 US visitors visit Vietnam

Which airlines operate between the USA and Vietnam?

Air China.
Thai Airways.
Qatar Airways.
Turkish Airlines.
All Nippon Airways.
Singapore Airlines.
China Southern Airlines.

Are there direct USA-Vietnam flights?

By travelling non-stop, you save time and the hassle of changing planes at other airports. Vietnam Airlines flights from San Francisco to Ho Chi Minh City depart on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. The fare for a direct flight from San Francisco to Ho Chi Minh City starts at 600 USD.

What is the best airport to land in Vietnam?

Most international flights pass through one of Vietnam’s three main airports in Hanoi, Da Nang or Ho Chi Minh City. There are also direct international flights to major tourist centers such as Nha Trang and Phu Quoc.

How to find the cheapest flights to Vietnam?

Book at least 4 weeks before departure to get a lower than average price for flights to Vietnam. The high season runs from June to August
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