6 things you need to know to travel from Europe to Vietnam

From visas and money, to flights and haggling, check out these must-know tips when you travel from Europe to Vietnam.

1. No visas for up to 15 days
Citizens of many European countries do not need a visa to visit Vietnam for up to 15 days. This makes it super easy to simply book a flight and go to Vietnam for a two week holiday. Even those who wish to stay for between 15 and 30 days, plus those from a handful of European countries, can still visit Vietnam by applying for an e-visa in advance. Simple!

No visas for up to 15 days

2. Bring some dollars
US dollars and Vietnamese Dong are both used in Vietnam. You should definitely bring some US dollars with you when arriving in Vietnam so you have some cash to get you started. If you have the option of paying for things by dollars or dong, the dong is usually cheaper, so get some from an ATM when you arrive so you have both options.

Vietnamese dong

3. Search around for flights
There are multiple airline carriers that operate flights into Vietnam from Europe, meaning there are some great deals to be had. Follow our tips for finding cheap flights to Vietnam to make sure you spend less money getting there and more money soaking up the Vietnamese lifestyle. You can either travel nonstop from major hubs in Europe such as London, or make a stop along the way in Bangkok or Doha to extend the experience of the journey.

6 things you need to know to travel from Europe to Vietnam

4. Discuss the price
Haggling is a way of life in Vietnam, so get your game face on before travelling from Europe to Vietnam. Bartering in markets is common, but also remember to agree a price if it’s not marked in all other transactions you undertake too, whether it’s the cost of a taxi or cyclo ride, or how much a meal will cost you in a restaurant. Be prepared to walk away if it doesn’t feel right.

street food in vietnam

5. Check the weather
Vietnam is an enormous country, covering an area of 331,210 km² and with a coastline that stretches 3,260 kilometres. This is great news, because it means whatever time of year you’re travelling, there will be a part of Vietnam that has the perfect weather for you. It’s especially ideal if you want to travel from Europe to Vietnam to escape the European winter. Check ahead to see what the weather will be like in different regions at different times of year in Vietnam, to make sure the conditions meet your expectations.

6 things you need to know to travel from Europe to Vietnam

6. Book a tour
The vastness of Vietnam can make it overwhelming. If you want to be sure you’re getting the best deals, seeing as much as you possibly can while having experiences not every other traveller is having, book a tour with a reputable, locally-run company. Mr Linh’s Adventures is locally-run and specialises in off-the-beaten-track adventures, meaning you really will have the experience you want to in Vietnam.

6 things you need to know to travel from Europe to Vietnam

Join us at Mr Linh’s Adventures when you travel from Europe to Vietnam.
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