4 tips for finding cheap flights to Vietnam

Take a look at some of our insider tips to help you find cheap flights to Vietnam. Save on the airfare and make your money stretch even further when you arrive on your Vietnamese adventure!

1. Search with Google Flights
Have a look for the particular route you want to travel to Vietnam using Google Flights, as this will have a look at the prices being offered by a number of different airlines. You can input your most convenient departure city and your preferred arrival airport in Vietnam. Or if you’re flexible and really want to find super cheap flights to Vietnam, simply enter in your departure country with a destination of ‘Vietnam’. Google Flights will come up with all the top options and allow you to adjust parameters such as number of stops and travel times. It’s a great way to scan cheap flights to Vietnam and is often much cheaper than going directly to an airline’s website.

Google Flights

2. Get the timing right
Another trick of finding cheap flights to Vietnam is to look for flights at the right time of year for your preferred travel dates, particularly when travelling at popular times of year. If your dream trip to Vietnam is going to take place during the peak of the summer holidays, the best time to buy flights is in January or February. Occasionally you can get a good deal if you leave it late – around May or even June – but it’s riskier. Cheap flights to Vietnam are all about supply and demand, so if flights are already quite booked up by this time of year, the price will just keep increasing.

4 tips for finding cheap flights to Vietnam

3. Be flexible
If your travel dates are flexible, you’re much more likely to score some cheap flights to Vietnam. Make sure you tick ‘my dates are flexible’ when using any flight comparison website to make sure you see the price difference if you can travel even a day either side of your preferred travel dates. The price saving can be significant, and it’s well worth slightly altering your plans if it means you’ll have more spending money when you arrive in Vietnam!

4. Make a connection
One way to help find cheap flights to Vietnam is to be prepared to make one or two stops en route. More stops means longer travelling time, but it can slash the cost of your flights quite significantly. Sometimes the journey is all part of the adventure, so consider this if you’re really committed to finding cheap flights to Vietnam.

Once you’ve booked your cheap flights to Vietnam, check out the range of off-the-beaten-track, jungle and city tours we have on offer at Mr Linh’s Adventures. We already know it’ll be the trip of a lifetime!
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