Must-Go Places in Vietnam from North to South

Vietnam, with its deep and unique culture and its tragic history, attract nowadays over 10 million tourists around the world annually. Where do travelers go when they set feet in Vietnam? What are the wonders of the country that the Vietnamese are so proud of? Which are the destinations you should not miss? We will trace a destination itinerary below from North to South for you to have a memorable journey along must-go place in Vietnam.

Must-Go Places in Vietnam, from Nort to South © Mr Linh's adventure



Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi © Mr Linh's adventure
Starting our S-Shaped country at Hanoi International Airport is not a bad idea at all. Although some would prefer going from South to North Vietnam, which works perfectly too with this guide. Hanoi has 4 seasons like the West, in summer is very humid and hot, and in winter it's fairly cold, but not as much as in the Western countries. A few tourists would skip the capital of Vietnam and head to other places, but actually, it's the heart of the history of Vietnam and a lot of beautiful things to see from traditional, to modern, an interesting contrast suitable for all generations of travelers. If you plan to stay a few days or more, don't miss these places:

Hoan Kiem Lake

In the middle of the lake, an old little house where resides, according to a legend, a very sacred turtle which has saved the country with a sword; thus, Hoan Kiem Lake means Sword Lake. The North side of the lake is the Old Quater, with conservative architecture of the old times. On weekends, this whole area is pedestrian, so wander around, get an egg coffee, have a beer...

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum complex

One Pilar Pagoda  © Mr Linh's adventure
A strictly supervised place where you will see the body of former President Ho Chi Minh, conserved respectfully for years. You will also see his house and where he used to work, the One Pillar Pagoda is also right next to the Mausoleum. Be aware of queuing, and spending couple hours there is good.

Imperial City of Thang Long.

This must-see monument is important due to its original architecture and its role in the independence of Dai Viet. Renovated recently, the exterior is a vast garden, and the interior full of historic facts and objects about Vietnam, also translated in English, French and Vietnamese.

Museum of Ethnology.

This museum is in Cau Giay district, a little bit away from the other sites. Big museum where you will discover traditions and life of the 54 different ethnics present in Vietnam. An informative and fun must-go for all travelers.

Long Bien bridge and Red River.

This bridge is a survival bridge, even though it has been bombed all over in the past. It’s still solid as ever. No cars or bus allowed, only train, bikes and bicycles can go through this hallowed must-go. Take a walk and witness amazing sunrise and sunset here above the Banana island.


Halong bay, unmissable must-go © Mr Linh's adventure

Ha Long Bay

Unmissable must-go place, Ha Long Bay a UNESCO Heritage is a few hours of transport from Hanoi, you will be taken on a boat/cruise from Cat Ba island to see all the beautiful rock formations covered by seaweed. It is indeed an absolute wonder!


Ba Be National Park © Mr Linh's adventure

Ba Be

Ba Be and Mr Linh's Homestay can be reached with a 4-hour drive from Hanoi. Off the beaten path, Ba Be National Park is still a pretty wild must-go with no crowds of tourists, so you can enjoy nature at peace. You can trek, kayak, swim, take a boat to the caves etc. We look forward to welcoming you here!


Ninh Binh

Situated at around 93km from Hanoi, Ninh Binh is known to be the terrestrial Ha Long Bay, Tam Coc and Hoa Lu are touristy and very much appreciated by travelers. As Bai Dinh temple is the biggest temple in Vietnam, it takes place in our must-go package tour!


Places to go in Center Vietnam  © Mr Linh's adventure


Da Nang

Da Nang is a city that's developing fast. No surprise that it attracts tourists all over the world with its beautiful beaches, islands, and aquatic activities. Many events, national and international take place there annually.
Hoi An, Japanese Bridge © Mr Linh's adventure

Hoi An

UNESCO Heritage, Hoi An Ancient Town is probably one of the most charming and romantic cities in Vietnam, this small city traces little historic alleys, and low floors houses in Chinese and Japanese style. During the day, head to the beach, ride or around town, visit museums and temples. At night, walk around alongside thousands of lanterns that light up.

Phong Nha

The caves in Phong Nha are marvelous, registered in the UNESCO Heritage, Phong Nha is so clean with a lot of sanitary rules so you can enjoy nature at its purest. 2000 km2 on limestone land with enormous caves that will take your breath away.


Take a walk along the Perfume River, visit Mausoleums and Tombs of dynasties Nguyen, Minh Mang, Tu Duc etc. Spend half a day at the Imperial City. You will not be disappointed by the peace of this city and the kindness of the people. A must-go out of time.


Must-Go in the Mekong Delta - South of Vietnam © Mr Linh's adventure


Ho Chi Minh CIty (formerly Saigon)

With its 14 million residents, Ho Chi Minh-City is the biggest city in Vietnam and the economic center. In this stunning must-go, you will discover all sort of specialty museums (Traditional Medicine museum, National History museum, Ho Chi Minh Museum, Fine Art museum etc.) Parks like 30-4 and Tao Dan are clean and full of life. Also, pass by the Ben Thanh market for some souvenirs. Don’t miss the breath-taking view from the Bitexco tower and walk around Town Hall area.
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Mekong Delta

Get ready to get fascinated by the big labyrinth of rivers. With the boat as the main transport, you will encounter floating markets, Khmer pagodas. Very fertile land, with splendid natural colorful views, the Mekong Delta deserves to be included in the must-go list of Vietnam!.

Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc Island © Mr Linh's adventure
Honestly, this absolute charming must-go is a paradise island, people come here to relax, to leave all troubles behind. The Emerald Island is developing really fast as well, but still clean and beautiful, guaranteed to see transparent water with fine white sand and alongside coconuts and palm trees. A dream beach destination!
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