7 Reasons Vietnam Sailing Tours Are a Beautiful Way to See the Country

Maybe you've always dreamed of visiting Vietnam but haven't yet taken that step of planning and booking your trip. Or, perhaps you already have your airline tickets but aren't sure what Vietnam tours you should book.

You know you want something other than the standard touristy experience. Why not see the country from the deck of a sailing vessel?

7 Reasons Vietnam Sailing Tours Are a Beautiful Way to See the Country

It's unique, enlightening, romantic, and an experience you'll never forget. Are you ready to discover Vietnam? Here are 7 reasons sailing tours are a wonderful way to see the country.
1. Bring History to Life

While many people may associate Vietnam with its more recent 20th-century history, Vietnam has a rich national history. Long before the renowned Vietnam War, this country enjoyed many centuries of cultural distinction that rival anything found in the rest of the world.

Vietnamese don’t forget the war, but they view it through a different set of lenses.

When you visit Vietnam by boat, you’ll have an opportunity to see places made famous by American authors, playwriters, and film producers.

Mekong Delta Vietnam

One special place is the Mekong Delta. For some travelers, visiting the Delta is a type of pilgrimage. For others, it’s a chance to see the authentic version of Vietnam.

Bringing history to life—from both perspectives—is an excellent reason to take a sailing tour of this part of Vietnam.
2. Enjoy the Natural Beauty of Vietnam

If you feel drawn to things you only find in nature, Vietnam by boat is the place to be.

One spot you can’t miss (and it’s included on many sailing tours) is Halong Bay. Located in Quang Ninh Province, Halong Bay consists of hundreds of islets.

These karst—or limestone—islets spring up from shimmering blue waters. You'll find mysterious caves just waiting for someone to explore. 

While visiting the bay by cruise ship, take advantage of the many on-shore sightseeing opportunities. Visit a fishing village and mingle with locals. Relax on the beach after working your muscles on a kayak.

kayak Ha Long Bay

Another popular place for Vietnam tours is the Mekong Delta. Here you’ll float down palm-fringed canals and marvel at the beauty of lush green rice paddies.

Sailing tours through the Delta usually include another unique experience, which we’ll see next
Day-tour to Halong Bay
Type of tour: SMALL GROUP
Departures: DAILY
Day-tour to Trang An - Ninh Binh
Type of tour: SMALL GROUP
Departures: DAILY
Day-tour to the Mekong Delta
Type of tour: SMALL GROUP
Departures: DAILY
3. Experience a Floating Market

You won’t find a more unique experience than Vietnam’s floating markets.

Imagine arriving in time to enjoy the morning sunrise. Then, the anticipation of the hustle and bustle of merchants offering a bounty of exotic fruits not found at any market in your hometown.

Vietnam’s floating markets.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a Nam Roi grapefruit in the produce section at your grocery store, but they’re plentiful in Cai Be, the floating market on many boat tour itineraries. You’ll find all sorts of agricultural products and seafood at Cai Be, so prepare your taste buds for a truly amazing experience.
4. The Romance

Whether you're planning a honeymoon or simply need a romantic getaway, you'll find plenty of romance when you embark on a trip to Vietnam.

honeymoon in Halong Bay

What's more romantic than a boat tour where you can enjoy the sounds of water lapping against the side of the ship from your private balcony? After a day of enjoying the sites from the deck, relax in your room and take a soak in your own jacuzzi. Yes, many boats have them!

Later, enjoy a quiet, romantic dinner and finish the evening sharing a drink in the ship's bar.
5. Visit Places Buses and Cars Can’t Go

Taking a bus or renting a car may get you to a destination faster, but think of what you’ll miss by taking the direct route. When you one of the popular Vietnam tour packages that include boat travel, you’ll see places no bus or car can reach.

These are the places where local Vietnamese citizens live in homes built on the water. You’ll encounter boat merchants marketing all kinds of foods and other goods. You may even meet a coffee merchant, as they pull their boat alongside yours, and offer you a cup of hot steaming coffee.

Vung Vieng Fishing Village

You’ll watch as fishermen bring in their nets burdened with still flapping, fish. You may even witness life in the rice paddies where locals don’t throw any part of the rice plant away. They even use the husks, for fuel.
6. Visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site

It’s no wonder UNESCO declared Ha Long Bay as a World Heritage Site. The place is magical with surreal pillars of limestone rising up from the sea. The bay's extraordinary beauty and biological interest are also reasons for its UNESCO status.

The bay’s islands number around 1,600. Formed by natural erosion, most of the islets are uninhabited. There is, however, a legend about the creation of these isles.

A dragon descended from heaven. The dragon sprayed jade and emeralds into the water to protect the Vietnamese people from invaders. Remember what we said about romance and Vietnam?

What’s more romantic than a legend about dragons and precious gemstones?

Another interesting fact about this UNESCO site is that one of the islands, Cat Ba, is home to an endangered primate—the golden-headed langur.

Cat Ba islands
7. Slow Down the Pace

Most of us alive today don’t remember a time when people weren’t in such a hurry to get to their destination. None of us remember when flying wasn’t even an option.

Years ago, if people wanted to get away, they traveled by boat.

Visiting Vietnam by boat is one way you can slow down your fast-paced life and relax for a few days. Boat travel isn’t only relaxing, it’s fascinating, and as we mentioned earlier, romantic.

Vietnam is home to an array of both inland and coastal waterways. The country has rivers, lakes, and canals. Many are accessible by tour boat.

Up until a few years ago, many riverside and seaside towns an villages could only be reached by boat. Boats and Vietnam go together naturally, and what a fantastic way to explore the country.

Take the calmer, gentler route to cozy up to the beautiful landscape of Vietnam. Book a sailing tour—you won’t regret it.

Trang An Ninh Binh

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Now that we've shared a few reasons why sailing tours are a wonderful way to see the country, isn't it time to book one of our Vietnam tours?

Whether you're looking for a romantic getaway, a cultural experience, or want to spend a few days relaxing while floating down a river, there's a sailing tour perfect for you. 

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