Phu Quy, Vietnam’s Hidden Island

Island travel occupies a special place in the heart of many travellers, representing an idyllic escape from daily life to a tropical paradise where they can concern themselves only with relaxation and comfort under blue skies and sun.

Phu Quy, Vietnam’s Hidden Island

It’s perhaps no surprise then, that the islands of Southeast Asia, especially in Thailand and Cambodia, have become filled with travellers searching for their own personal tropical paradise. Indeed, even the once remote islands of Phu Quoc and Con Dao are now facing increasing levels of development. While this is great news for many travellers who found the islands inaccessible in the past, it also means that those looking for a more off the beaten track island haven now have to look much harder to find one.

Phu Quy island

If this describes you, you’ve found the right article. Located far from the coast of Phan Thiet lies Phu Quy, an almost completely unknown and hidden gem resting amidst gorgeous ocean waters and populated by roughly 27,000 people. In the past getting to the island has been difficult, as access by ferry has been intermittent, but since 2018 the mid-speed ferry is back in operation and can take you from the coast to the island in about 2.5 hours, depending on conditions.

Phu Quy island 1

Despite this, the island is mercifully free of tourists, and those that visit can enjoy an incredibly unique, warm and welcoming atmosphere from the locals, spend time on practically abandoned sandy beaches, and go swimming in the gorgeous blue waters. As there is no public transportation on the island, it is also ideal for motor biking, and the island’s Whale Museum houses the largest whale skeleton in all of Vietnam. Boating trips to the smaller islets surrounding Phu Quy can also be arranged, and a trek to the largest lighthouse in Vietnam offers some truly stunning views of the vast ocean surrounding you.

island’s Whale Museum

The best way to round out a day here is to find yourself a local fisherman or seafood restaurant and purchase some king crab, an outrageously expensive delicacy elsewhere, here available relatively cheaply (as little as 300,000VND per kilo) and then heading to the beach to enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Travellers looking for a remote island paradise should absolutely not skip out on visiting Phu Quy and its hidden treasures.


Parfum d'Automne says
18/06/2019 16:31:08
300.000 vnd / kilo for a king crab ! so cheap !
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