10 travel trends for 2019 that will take you to Indochina

Here is what travel holds in store in 2019, including why Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia make perfect travel destinations in the year ahead.
1. Multi-day tours

More travellers will be booking multi-day tours in 2019 than ever before. Previously seen as being a mainstream travel choice that will only take you to the main tourist attractions, multi-day tours are now offering unique and off-the-beaten-track experiences. Not only is this a way for travellers to spend less time planning – the companies with true insider knowledge can also help take them along the road less travelled. Local companies such as Mr Linh’s Adventures specialise in this in Indochina!

Multi-day tours
2. A range of solo travellers

The rise of people travelling alone is set to go even further in 2019. Millennials and those over the age of 50 are particularly leading the way. Combined with the trend that people want to visit places far from their comfort zone, Indochina is an increasingly popular destination for solo travellers from Europe and North America. Since Indochina also offers a lot of opportunities to embark on multi-day small group tours, solo travellers can have the best of both worlds, meeting like-minded people along the way.

solo travellers
3. Local experiences

This trend is going from strength to strength and will be ever-more prevalent in 2019. Where local experiences are achieved through tools such as Airbnb in Europe, Indochina is full of homestay accommodation options, where travellers can stay with local families and ethnic communities to become totally immersed in the local culture.

Local experiences
4. Working with humans

Data shows that when booking trips, people are returning to human interaction instead of using online booking tools to book their travel experiences. With so much choice out there, travellers want to get a feel for who they’re working with and receive insider recommendations of travel experiences that would be perfect for them. Thanks to advances in technology, live chat and other forms of communication, travellers can now liaise directly with local travel companies in Indochina to book their travel experiences, instead of relying on less knowledgeable local travel agents in their country of origin.

Working with humans
5. Adventure honeymoons

Couples who get married are increasingly choosing an alternative honeymoon to two weeks on a beach. They are instead choosing to travel to places they always wanted to and have a true adventure as a newly married couple. Visiting Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia is ideal for this. There are opportunities to trek, go on motorcycle tours, take to the waterways on local boats and get to know local people in the most remote locations. For those who want a little beach time, there are long stretches of coastline and islands perfect for a few days’ rest and relaxation too.

Adventure honeymoons
6. Family Sabbaticals

While taking a gap year before continuing further education is still a trend, it’s becoming increasingly popular for people to take a year out from work too – even if they have already started a family. With a feeling there is more to life than work, and with 50% of the UK and US workforce predicted to be freelancers by 2020, adults are deciding to take their children away for a year to have a totally new experience all together. Adults with younger children can also take advantage of free flights and other travel perks, while those with older children are deciding to home school them from abroad for a year. With such rich and diverse experiences available, it makes sense to travel to Indochina for a family sabbatical to really soak up each locality along the way.

Chinese travellers lead the way
7. Bleisure travellers

An increasing number of people are combining business trips with leisure by adding a few days onto their business travel to experience the places they are visiting. Vietnam in particular has an increasingly high number of business travellers thanks to the country’s increasing presence in trade and global corporations. This makes it the perfect place to spend a few extra days getting to know a local tribe in the mountainous north, or experiencing the floating markets of the Mekong Delta in the far south.

floating markets of the Mekong Delta
8. Recycling travel bookings

The travel start-up world will continue to create more unexpected travel opportunities in 2019, with new brands such as SpareFare arriving on the scene. This is a service where people who are no longer able to use their travel bookings can sell them to someone else at a discounted rate. It’s a great way to get a bargain, and if you find yourself travelling somewhere like Vietnam, Laos or Cambodia this way, these are all places you can jump straight onto small group tours last-minute to make the very best of your experience.

10 travel trends for 2019
9. Ecological ethos

An increasing number of travellers are actively seeking experiences that have less impact on the environment. This means choosing small and sustainable group tours and visiting more remote places where overtourism isn’t a problem. Visiting Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia is ideal for this since it’s truly possible to get off-the-beaten-track while contributing positively to less privileged local communities at the same time.

Ecological ethos
10. Multigenerational travel

Multi-gen travel started to increase in 2018, with predictions it will become even more popular in 2019. This is where grandparents, parents and children all travel together on a trip of a lifetime. Indochina is an ideal multi-gen travel destination with something to offer each and every member of the family, from art and culture to water sports and foodie treats.

Multigenerational travel
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