The Best National Parks in Vietnam

1. Ba Be National Park
One of the best things about this national park is that it is home to a number of Vietnam’s ethnic communities, where they are left to pursue their traditional way of life. There are a number of ethical opportunities to get to know these communities too, through guided visits and homestay accommodation. The national park is also home to Ba Be Lake, which is the largest lake in Vietnam. Here it’s possible to go kayaking and on boating excursions surrounded by the tranquillity of nature. The national park more broadly is also the perfect spot for hiking and biking trips.
Ba Be National Park
2. Cat Ba National Park
The national park in the UNESCO World Heritage Halong Bay, Cat Ba is an unmissable national park in Vietnam. Hundreds of verdant limestone karsts emerge mystically from the emerald waters here – you’ll recognise it from postcards of Vietnam or movies like King Kong: Skull Island. Make the most of the national park by embarking on junk cruise ships around the region, with a stop off for rainforest hikes in Cat Ba.
Cat Ba National Park
3. Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park
This national park in Vietnam is world-famous for being home to the largest cave on the globe. This cave – called Hang Son Doong – is 5km long, 200m high and 150m wide. It’s so large it is even home to forests and species that have created unique ecosystems. This isn’t the only cave in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park either – there are around 300 caves in the national park in total. Needless to say, this is the place to go to explore caves and grottoes while making the most of the water by kayaking, boating and swimming.
Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park
4. Phu Quoc National Park
This national park on Vietnam’s popular island of Phu Quoc is a protected area due to the hundreds of plant and animal species that call the island ‘home’. Many people go to Phu Quoc for some beach time and water sports, but for those who want to get back to nature in an island setting, it’s possible to go on amazing hiking and camping trips in Phu Quoc National Park too.
Phu Quoc National Park
5. Cat Tien National Park
For those visiting the south of Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City, Cat Tien National Park is the perfect antidote to city life. A number of monkeys and other primates have made the immense forest here their home. One of the best activities to do here is to go for a hike to hear the cries of the hundreds of gibbons in the trees. Visitors can also go on boating excursions along the tributaries, visit a rescue centre for bears and camp overnight.
Cat Tien National Park

Those wanting to visit a national park in Vietnam can truly take their pick!
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