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The outstanding sporting event in Northern Vietnam - Ba Be Jungle Marathon

The new year of 2021 marks the end of the most turbulent year 2020 and the beginning to unfold a promising year of recovery, restart and discovery. Under the impact of Covid-19 over the past year, people’s awareness together with their interest toward health enhancement and sport activities has been raised significantly.

A guide to top 8 national parks in Vietnam

The country really sparkles when you step into one of its 33 national parks, these vast green spaces are home to gargantuan caves, dramatic limestone mountains, golden coastlines and dense thickets of jungle where gibbons dangle from vines and the promise of adventure lurks behind every mangrove tree. Here’s our pick of the best national parks to visit in Vietnam.

Vietnam’s 10 best natural wonders

Breathtaking landscapes appear at every turn in Vietnam. From the window of a trundling train you'll witness an endless patchwork of impossible-green rice paddies, while in Halong Bay a horizon studded with incisor-like limestone islands makes an ethereal sight. From Mui Ne in the deep south, where you can wonder at a Sahara-esque scene of wind-sculpted sand dunes from the basket of a hot-air balloon, to the stupendous karst mountains of the far north, Vietnam offers up a bewitching array of superlative landscapes.

Visit Trusted DMC – Mr Linh’s Adventures at WTM Virtual 2020

This year, 2020, under the enormous influence of Covid-19 pandemic the connection between countries has become stagnated, different fields of business are heavily impacted and of course travel industry is no exception.

Travelling Now: Safe Choice or Risky Decision?

Is it really dangerous to travel now? In a way, yes it is if one decides to travel to the crowded tourist attractions without thorough knowledge of the safety measures to protect themselves from being affected by the coronavirus. The question here should be: is it a good idea to keep worrying and shut yourself at home from time to time?

Easy Tips to Travel Eco-Friendly

As nations wait for a vaccine to stop Covid-19 from spreading, our planet shows positive signs due to the measures taken against the virus. Global economic activity is eventually going to return to normal, so what can we do to help reduce our carbon print when we travel? Here is a brief list of tips for travellers, very easy to apply, giving you the opportunity to compensate your carbon footprint, and support your planet.

New Cases of Covid-19 After 99 Days Clear

On July 25, 2020, the government confirmed a new case of Covid-19 in Da Nang thus the return of community transmission after 99 days clear.

New Evidence of Prehistoric Human Presence in Ba Be National Park

In July 2020, a significant discovery was made in the field of archaeology in caves of our beloved Ba Be national park, in Bac Kan province, Northern Vietnam. Archaeologists unearthed several objects dated to 20,000 years ago, shading a new light on the early traces of human life in the area.

Vietnam’s World Heritage Sites - Officials and Candidates

With a history so rich, Vietnam was bound to have a few destinations registered as World Heritage Sites by the UNESCO. After a thousand years of Chinese influence with Confucian and Buddhist traditions, French colonization with Latin characters, Catholicism and Western architecture, several marking wars, and now an economic boom since its reopening, no wonder Vietnam is part of the top destinations to travel to. The country has everything it needs to captivate its audience.

Vietnam on the Road to Sustainability

Vietnam is a pretty interesting country to live in. At times confusing of course, but its dynamism transports you. One of its most amazing qualities is the speed at which decisions are taken and implemented. The Covid-19 epidemic put us all to the test and Vietnam has been able to show the world the extent of its reactiveness.


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