Ba Be Nature Escape 3 days 2 nights

Tour code: NA10E
Duration: 3 days 2 nights
Level of difficulty: Medium trek
Activities: 10 – 15km trek
Percentage of trekking: Jungle 60%, trail 40%
Elevation: 150m – 350m
Departure date: Join on Monday & Thursday, private tour on request
Price USD: $279 per person
Join tour: $279 per person


  • Jungle trek inside Ba Be National Park and walk through river
  • Kayaking to explore the tunnel Puong Cave and diverse and beautiful landscapes of Ba Be
  • Cross Ban Vang Stream and navigate some steep terrain
  • Visit some ethnic village of H’Mong, Tay, Dao
  • Picnic lunch with traditional food is prepared by the local people
  • Boat trip on Nang river
  • Visit the legend An Ma temple & Widow island
  • Discover a magnificent Puong Cave in Ba Be National Park
  • Swim in a pretty natural freshwater lake
  • Tham Phay cave expedition, the ground water river cave – 3km
  • Dinner and Overnight at Ba Be Jungle Houses
  • Day 1: Hanoi - Ba Be lake & kayaking (L, D)
    • Our tour guide will pick you up by car at your hotel in Hanoi about 7:30 AM to transfer you to Bac Kan. We will start our adventure pack by driving in the direction of Ba Be National Park for about 5 hours and have lunch on the way to the park. Arrival to the Boc Lom pier, you will learn how to paddle a kayak on rivers, take dry bags, sports equipment and life jackets... From here, you will continue to travel down the Nang River to explore the huge Puong cave by boat and kayaking. Then, you will cross the Nang River and pass through some steep terrain with many cat ears cliffs. We can return to Ba Be Lake by motorboat. Swimming is available here. Getting to Mr Linh’s Ba Be - Jungle Lake house and enjoy your night with BBQ dinner. .
      River Nang
      Tham Phay cave expedition - Ba Be National Park 3
  • Day 2: Tham Phay cave expedition (B, L, D)
    • 07:00 - 07:30 Pick you up at your homestay. Brief introduction and preparation are here.
      After a thirty-minute drive, you'll reach Tham Phay Cave, the hike starts with a steep uphill leading into the forest. Some rock at the top, and then a similar slope before the trail fades and you enter the valley. Turning west of the trail is a large patch of rock for you to find your way through, with the help and direction of your guide and safety team. The precarious entrance is at the end of the forest. Enjoy some snacks before starting to explore the cave.

      Tham Phay Cave is a beautiful stream cave with two underground river tributaries, where you will experience narrow passages, craggy mountains and some deep pools with very nice photo opportunities. Plants and algae cover many calcite formations. Going deeper into the cave, you will find many unusual features of the cave such as the ceiling dome and many layers of rock, giving the walls a striking appearance. You will spend about five hours exploring this 5km deep river cave, which geologists have not discovered so far. Of course, we will provide you with the necessary equipment, such as helmets and powerful headlights. The cave expands considerably as you go through the original entrance and offers some great opportunities for excellent photos.

      Enjoy a few snacks before continuing the journey to explore the 2nd path of the cave system that possesses miraculous stalagmites millions of years old, dangerous sinkholes and heat flows at the bottom . Leaving Tham Phay, you will return to the cave entrance and return to the original pick up point.
      Tham Phay cave expedition - Ba Be National Park
      Tham Phay cave expedition - Ba Be National Park
  • Day 3: Ba Be Lake - Hanoi (B, L)
    • 7:30 - Breakfast at our homestay. Breakfast at our homestay. Begin a beautiful journey in Ba Be National Park from Bo Lu village. A guided conversation on local wildlife and flowers will expand your awareness of the unique Ba Be ecosystem as you walk through the beautiful jungle. Reach Tham Khit pathways to an ancient cave - wandering around the lake to the panoramic views of the ranger station's animal observation huts. Continue your hike for another 2 kilometers to An Ma temple, a sacred Tay temple dedicated to mountain gods, lake gods, and feudal generals. Have lunch and enjoy your time in Ba Be National Park. Return to Hanoi. Tour ends.
      Active adventure tour - Pioneer on Ba Be lake 3 days
      Ba Be Lake

Accommodation List
Please note that the hotels mentioned in this list are for reference only. Depending on availability and your preference, they can be changed. If we are unable to book any hotel, it will be replaced by another hotel at least of equivalent standard and value.
Ba Be Jungle Houses
Address: Coc Toc village, Nam Mau commune, Ba Be district, Bac Kan province
A step up in amenities to Ba Be's homestays, this lakeside place in Coc Toc village takes the form of six small, spic-and-span, wood-panelled private rooms, and a dorm. Visitors are well looked after by friendly English-speaking staff.

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Wrote a review 9 - 2023
I would highly recommend the Tham Phay cave expedition for anyone looking for excitement
Review of: Active Adventure Tour - Tham Phay cave expedition 3 days 2 nights
I would highly recommend the Tham Phay cave expedition for anyone looking for excitement. Lots of caves in Vietnam are quite institutionalised in that they have ramps and stairways set up, they have permanent light fixtures and so on. This is a real cave! There was a lovely half an hour walk through the countryside to get there. The guides were very knowledgeable about the local flora and fauna, pointing out leaves and plants that were edible and sharing how they're used in local cui...Read Moresine. Then the cave itself was magnificent. The water inside the cave is fresh and wonderful to wade in. The rocks themselves are not slippery nor difficult to walk on. The cave is full of wonderful rock formations but also life. We saw lots of bats and insects. The guides are also very creative at suggesting photo opportunities and can make you look like an intrepid explorer! For the more adventurous, there are opportunities to explore parts of the cave with beautiful rock pools and internal waterfalls. Truly a cave worth visiting.

The homestay is luxurious! The staff are exceedingly kind and accommodating. The home-cooked food is absolutely delicious, and there was even home-made rice wine for dinner. This facilitated ready conversation with other guests already easy to talk to. It truly felt like an intimate and warm encounter with the hosts and with fellow travellers.

The kayak on the lake was also wonderful. It is possible to borrow the kayaks on your own, but the tour gives you an opportunity to go right to the end of the river (before it becomes a waterfall), and to get off and go see that waterfall. Kayaking on the lake itself was so peaceful and the limestone cliffs enveloped the lake on all sides. I suspect it might be a lovely place to do rock-climbing also. My guide shared stories of his childhood on the lake and how, before motorised boats arrived, they would paddle to and from the various shores of the lake for festivals. He pointed out little cave shelters along the shore that paddlers could hide in during big storms. Little stories like these really made the place come alive. We also got to see the An Ma temple, an old Tay temple built on an island in the middle of the lake. He shared also shared what the temple meant to him and his people. I especially loved swimming in the lake. For those few minutes lying in the calm water staring up at limestone cliffs covered in trees, it felt like anything was possible.

Last but not least, the staff were very helpful and flexible in modifying the tour so that I could catch a bus back to Hanoi. They were also very helpful in making arrangements and calling the local bus company so that they would make a stop at Ba Be Lake and pick me up. I really appreciated that.

All in all, Ba Be Lake is a wonderful place and I wish I had stayed one more night to go walking and exploring the villages along the lake coast. There are activities suitable for all levels and everyone from the adrenaline junkie to the laid-back relaxer will find something here for them. Read Less
Date of experience: 9 2022

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