Footwear And Socks

Footwear and socks

7 out of 10 hikers wear poorly fitted boots and don't even know it. That adds up to a lot of unnecessary blisters and sore feet for some, even sore knees and ankles. The solution is simple. Learn proper footwear fitting and you'll kiss sore feet goodbye.

Basics of the foot

About foot wear
Lots of trekkers practice four rules when choosing boots:
1) Pick out a quality boot.
2) Get a good fit.
3) Get a good fit.
4) Get a good fit.

About shocks
A quick primer on choosing the right hiking sock:
You probably don't even consider it "gear," right? Well, think again. Would you put a set of wooden caveman wheels on your brand new Land Rover? Or, shingle the roof of your new house with cardboard? Then why jeopardize the performance of your fancy new boots with a pair of junky socks?
Good socks keep your feet happier and healthier. They provide cushioning, wick sweat, keep your little piggies warm and dry, fine-tune your boot fit, and reduce friction inside your boot (less blisters!).
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