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Vietnam’s World Heritage Sites - Officials and Candidates

With a history so rich, Vietnam was bound to have a few destinations registered as World Heritage Sites by the UNESCO. After a thousand years of Chinese influence with Confucian and Buddhist traditions, French colonization with Latin characters, Catholicism and Western architecture, several marking wars, and now an economic boom since its reopening, no wonder Vietnam is part of the top destinations to travel to. The country has everything it needs to captivate its audience.

Vietnam on the Road to Sustainability

Vietnam is a pretty interesting country to live in. At times confusing of course, but its dynamism transports you. One of its most amazing qualities is the speed at which decisions are taken and implemented. The Covid-19 epidemic put us all to the test and Vietnam has been able to show the world the extent of its reactiveness.

Ultimate List of Must-Try Dishes While in Vietnam

What can we say about the Vietnamese cuisine? Well, it is one of the healthiest in the world and that pretty much says it all! Fresh food often made on the spot and with simplicity. Simple yes but your taste buds will thank you for the experience as they will go on a journey of flavours bite after bite.

Tourism Resumption Yes But Eco-Friendly

This is a truth universally known that human activities are harmful to our dear planet. We use natural resources until stocks run out, consciously create non-biodegradable products, and destroy hectares of forest and entire species. The experts all agree and have sounded the alarm, the planet is in danger and it is everyone's responsibility to act.

10 Reasons Why Travelling With Mr Linh’s Adventures Is The Smartest Choice

You are looking for a local tour operator for your upcoming trip to South-East Asia but are lost in the sea of choices? Let’s first say that going local is already a great idea. Now how to trust someone you cannot meet in advance? Since we hope to catch your attention and show you the best of our region of the globe, here is an introduction to our company’s philosophy. Happy reading!

Vietnam Plans Tourism Revival

The Vietnamese government has just announced on May 26 that 80 countries will now be eligible for an electronic visa from July 1, positioning Vietnam as one of the first countries to prepare for the reopening of its borders to foreign nationals following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Confinement Getaway

Let’s go straight to the point: how do you manage to remain sane during isolation? Finally having some time to Netflix & Chill is nice of course, but your head must need to get some air. As getting outside is strongly limited and regulated, then we thought you could use some help planning your next escapade, in places so stunning that you can stock enough air and happy thoughts to wait until your next holiday!

Vietnam temporary travel policies against Covid-19

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that “COVID-19 can be characterized as a pandemic”. This announcement follows the alarming increasing number of cases throughout the world and unfortunately, the equally “alarming levels of inaction”, according to WHO.

Vietnam – Ideal Hiding Spot from Covid-19

The year 2019 ended with a special gift, the discovery of a new coronavirus disease, Covid-19. An unexpected occasion for the world to unite in order to understand, track and protect against the spread of this outbreak.

A Day With 'The Great White Shark'

2019 s'est terminé de la manière la plus inattendue pour Mr Linh. Le TAB - Tourism Advisory Board of Vietnam lui a demandé à nouveau d'être un guide touristique, lui rappelant ses premières années, pour un invité «très spécial». "Cela en vaut-il vraiment la peine?" pensa-t-il. Et surtout, après tant d'années consacrées à la construction de son entreprise, ses connaissances seront-elles suffisantes?

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